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TV is all about the sassy girls RN – and we like it ????

This year, TV has given us not one – but three – fantastically sharp-tongued, don’t-mess-with-me young female characters. And ‘sassy girl’ is a character archetype we can totally get on board with.

From L-R: Chloe (Big Little Lies), Erica (Stranger Things), Lady Mormont (Game Of Thrones)

First, we had Chloe in Big Little Lies, an eye-rolling, music-loving, dude of a seven-year-old, who put the neurotic mums of Monterey to shame. Then we had the sheer joy of Lady Lyanna Mormont in [Game Of Thrones, a 10-year-old whose unwavering bravery, loyalty, and steely-eyed determination – not to mention her knack for mic-dropping in a room of grown men – makes her the ultimate badass.

And now we have Erica – Lucas’ little sister in Stranger Things 2. She steals every scene she’s in, whether she’s piss-taking her brother, ripping his friends on his walkie-talkie, or pouring syrup on her breakfast. The girl is hilarious.

It used to be that young girls in TV shows were there as the spoilt prissy foil to their adventurous brothers. Or the screaming, terrified child who needs saving/protecting. BORING. But in 2018, we’ve got a new kind of pre-teen for girls to look up to – and adults like us to admire. Let’s hear it for funny, feisty, zero-f*ck-giving Queens of Sass.

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