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Top 5 ways on how to apply cream blush

Cream blushes square measure the simplest thanks to get a bedewed, natural look. excellent for dry skin, creams can give a flush of color that powders can’t, and therefore the additional pigmentation means that no ought to reapply after you spring from the workplace to hour. however a cream blush is like every specific friend – if it doesn’t mix into you seamlessly, it will look strange. however if it melts seamlessly into our skin, the colour appearance additional sort of a natural, and therefore the flush is additional credible  compared to powder blushes. on the far side that, cream blush provides your flush endurance. The damp texture provides United States a trifle of a bedewed, glowing glow. It’s nice for dry skin. the sole trick is to create friends with a cream blush and learn the way to use it.

1. Using Fingers:

Using a Blush Brush:

3. Using a Stippling Brush:


4. Using a Fan Brush:

5. Mix up the colors:


Follow up your cream blush with a powder blush to set your cheek with color that will last long…really long.

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