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Top 10 Lipstick Colors Brand In The World

Lipstick colours enhance the wonder of your lips and it makes your temperament attractive. stunning and shiny lipstick colours continually attract men further as girls as they each square measure terribly aware regarding their lips. There square measure numerous reminder lipstick and glosses square measure accessible at completely different outlets of cosmetics. it’s a really necessary cosmetic that completes the makeup and while not a lipstick makeup cannot become excellent. during this manner we are able to understand the importance of it in creating somebody stunning and pretty. during this article I actually have created a listing of prime ten international lipstick colours brands that square measure noted for grooming your lips.

Best Ten Lipstick Colours Brand you Love

It is the foremost noted whole of the planet and its product square measure terribly pricey due to its highest quality. that’s why everyone cannot get them. solely the elegant girls, models, film stars and celebrities will get them simply. It provides a high vary of colours once a year for all fashion lovers.

Yves Saint Laurent

Another flourishing cosmetic whole Yves Saint Laurent is go past a global designer World Health Organization is extremely standard among Eye Makeup artists. it’s obtaining additional success due to his subordinate lipstick colours and glosses throughout the planet. it’s conjointly serving humanity by its different product like foods and biological process things. They add some rare antioxidants substances in their product as a result of these parts keep your skin healthy and glowing. Antioxidants play vital role in recovery of dry lips.


This whole is aware of well a way to care your lips with fruits and what’s the importance of fruits extracts. NARS conjointly offers waterproof and lasting lipsticks colours enriched with fruits. coming is extremely distinctive name that’s given to its lipsticks.


Mostly celebrities use the product of couturier. i feel it’s one among the explanations of this brand’s fame. several makeup artists offer priority thereto due to its fine quality. a lady World Health Organization uses it will stay to bear with latest trends. it’s divided into 3 classes particularly couturier rouge, couturierific and Dior addict.

Bobbi Brown

This is terribly pricey whole that provides Lipsticks colours containing wax and multi vitamins. of these things will create your lips clean and pink. Bobbi Brown is Associate in Nursing professional journeyman conjointly.


If you would like to induce a lovely and model like look then continually use beauty and hair product of Guerlain. This whole is troubled arduous for creating nice things for girls.

Estee Lauder

If I point out vogue and sweetness then one and solely Estee Lauder name is acquire my mind. it’s a real proven fact that natural and effective things will cause you to healthy. it’s the simplest whole of recent royal line and it had been introduced by life partners Joseph and Estee Lauder.


For fashionable and fabulous look Chanel is manufacturing lipsticks of assorted shades. They contain a lasting impact and light-weight in order that one will feel comfy. it’s connected with palm Chanel.


This is the primary selection of all noted celebrities, artists, models and fashion specialists. Lancome provides Lipstick colours in terribly reason costs. it had been based in 1946 in France and since its birth it’s serving United States.

Makeup Forever

Its founder is Dany Sanz World Health Organization may be a painter by profession. These Lipsticks colours Brands offer you amazing and classy look. Red may be a favorite shade of all ladies and it’s fashionable and bright.

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