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The world's 10 most fashionable cities, ranked

Stylish fashion show attendees in Milan, Italy.

  • Fashion looks different all over the world.
  • Online fashion retailer Zalando recently released a list of the most elegant cities in the world based on fashion, urban, and accessibility factors.
  • New York, New York, Rome, Italy, and Vienna, Austria, are some of the cities in the top 1o.
  • Paris was ranked as the most stylish city in the world.

Style looks different all over the world, although some cities are known for being particularly fashionable. Residents of London, England, for example, have a reputation for setting street style trends, while New York City sets the tone by being home to several fashion schools.

Zalando, an online fashion retailer, recently released a list of the most elegant cities in the world. Using factors like the number of fashion schools, perceptions of fashion journalists, architecture, and affordability, Zalando ranked 80 cities all over the world.

Keep reading for the top 10 most stylish cities in the world.

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