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Taylor Swift Is Releasing Merchandise Inspired by an Outfit People Trolled Her For

Taylor Swift, Queen of Subtlety, is hitting back at haters in the most sly way. On Thursday, the 27-year-old singer dropped a look book displaying several items from her new Reputation merchandise line. And though the line features several, er, interesting pieces (like an oversized sweater with an inception-like picture of Swift wearing the same oversized sweater on it), there was one item that immediately caught the internet’s attention: a burgundy v-neck sweater with a choker with the word “Rep” on it.

Though the sweater might seem mundane at first, there’s a backstory to it that’ll leave you applauding Swift in the end. In November 2014, Swift attended a New York Knicks basketball game, where she wore black boots, khaki pants, and her infamous v-neck red sweater. After the photos of Swift at the basketball game hit the internet, fans couldn’t help but notice something odd about her outfit.

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One Swiftie posted a side-by-side photo of how Swift wore the sweater versus how the piece was originally worn by its model. While Swift wore the piece with the v-neck facing the front of her body, the sweater was intended to be worn the opposite way, with the v-neck on the back.

“I think what they’re trying to say politely is…I wore the shirt wrong didn’t I,” Swift commented back to a fan, who tried to make the case that her backwards sweater was a creative choice.

Of course, when Swift’s mistake caught wind on the internet, she was immediately made fun of for her fashion faux pas.

Flash forward to today and Swift hasn’t let teasing go. Instead, she’s channeled the trolling into her own spin on the sweater by selling the near-exact piece on her website, with the abbreviation of her album title emblazoned on the neckline. Yup. Along with reclaiming the snake (a nod to when Kim Kardashian suggested she was one with her Snapchat exposé), Swift is now reclaiming a shirt.

You’ve been warned: Don’t mess with Swift, otherwise your hate might be featured in a song—or on her merchandise—in the future.

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