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Simple Nail Design For Little Mermaid Nail Art

Simple Nail Design Ideas For Little Mermaid Nail Art For Girls. Simple Nail polish Designs for Mermaid nail art is now a popular trends of Disneyland in Paris. All the search terms for little mermaid nail stickers,little mermaid nail decals,little mermaid nail art stickers,little mermaid nail polish,little mermaid inspired nails,little mermaid themed nails,little mermaid nails tumblr, Facebook cute mermaid nails.

Simple Nail Design For Little Mermaid Nail Art


Little Mermaid Nail Art and nail polish designs and trends for girls. This is  very famous design and style for girls. This is step by step explain written and in the video form. I hope it will fully help you to learn how to simple nail design for little mermaid nail art very quickly. All the tutorial very clearing you how to make mermaid nail  art.

Step By Step method

1. Paint your thumb and small finger turquoise and your other  nails a nude shade.
2. Paint a holographic coat over the turquoise nails
3. Employing a doter tool and detail brush, create very little eyes on your middle finger.
4. With a stripper brush, outline and fill Ariel’s red hair. Add highlight details and a trifle to a slightly purple sea star or echinoderm.
5. On your index and ring finger outline and fill the top of Ariel’s shell two-piece swimming costume orbathing costume in opposite directions.
6. Add black outlines to Ariel’s hair and also the shell prime. Add highlights and low lights as wellor additionallyin addition like wise, what ever you fancy.
7. Add a high coat to seal and enjoy it.

Here a Video Tutorial for you which helps you to learn it visually.

Little Mermaid Nail Art Tutorial

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