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Shay Mitchell Used YouTube Tutorials for Her Last Minute Halloween Makeup

Everyone’s Halloween style is different. Some of us spend weeks planning out a costume, while others, including Shay Mitchell, opt for the last minute approach. So this week, it came as no surprise when the “Pretty Little Liars” star turned to YouTube for a makeup look she could copy in minutes. We’ve all been there.

Chronicling her search on Instagram Stories, the 30-year-old wrote, “I don’t know how I’m doing this but I’m doing it. Thank you @youtube for all the tutorials lol.”

Eventually, Shay gave us a up close look at her deadly bride makeup, complete with bloody wounds and sky blue contacts. Her close friend, Cait Bailey, made it a two-fer costume moment by dressing up as Shay’s groom.

“Bride and groom aka last minute costumes,” Shay wrote under a full body shot of their transformations.

This is hardly the first time a celebrity has flexed their makeup skills on Instagram, but we’re still impressed every time it happens. Between this and her vegetable lipstick hack, we’d say Shay Mitchell is a reliable source for those underrated makeup tips we need.

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