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Saudi King Shah Salman Decided to Steps Down Next Week

The British news agency claimed that Shah Salman’s decision was taken by the orders of the arrest of Muhammad bin Salman’s 40 princes and government officials.

The Daily Mail report said that after taking over Mohammad bin Salman crown, all his attention will focus on the alleged rival country of Iran.

The report said that if there is no unexpected situation, then Saudi Arabia’s traditionally ruler Shah Salman will announce Mohammad Bin Salman to be the next fate of Saudi Arabia next week.

The report further claimed that Mohammed bin Salman will take action against the Lebanese army’s Lebanese armed forces Hizbullah, which is supported by Iran.

The report further states that Mohammad ibn Salman wants Iran and Hezbollah to be their first target against the position of the royal family, and for this purpose, they have prepared a plan for the war in Lebanon, while It has already announced billions of dollars to support Israel when supporting.

According to the report, Shah Salman will leave his position only to protect the sacred places.

Earlier, the British news agency Reuters reports that according to Saudi Arabia’s royal decree Shah Salman’s has already promoted the 31-year-old son to nominate the future king of the country.

It is believed that the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman has emerged very quickly in the case of Saudi Arabia and some of the most powerful people in the world.

The 32-year-old princess has influenced Saudi Arabia’s army, foreign policy, economy and religious and cultural life.

The Saudi Wali era is considered to be the spirit of the campaign against ongoing corruption in the Islamic State, and there is a consensus of power in their country that has never been seen in the history of Saudi Arabia before.

The idea is that the powerful Saudi prince Mohammad bin Salman is changing the history of the Middle East.

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