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Rough Skin Solution In Winter For All Skin Types

Teenage skin is ideal if you being careful then you will never face any skin problems like pimples, dull, skin pigments, tan and other. Most of the time the skin gets rough by the use of cosmetics, creams, lotion and other tonners. To avoid rough skin simple homemade remedies and careful selection of healthy products can be used.

Rough Skin Solution In Winter For All Skin Types


Step 1. Cleansing Skin Everyday:

The first rough skin tip states that not for women only it is equally important for men to clean their skin on daily bases because their skin pores a relatively larger and gets oilier in summers. To avoid rough skin it is important that both the genders go for deeper cleansing. It can easily be done by using a cleansing pad, you can rinse it when you get done.

Step 2. The Intake of Water:

The second rough skin tip emphasizes on the intake of water in summers which helps to blemish rough skin. The reason thatit keeps one’s body and skin hydrated thus helps in the removal of toxins. It is recommended to consume at least 13-15 glasses of water in a day; however it serves as a beauty tip for all the people out there.

Step 3. Use of Fruits: The third rough skin tip tells that one can make use of fresh fruits pulp and can apply them as a mask over skin to shed the rough skin. For example, honey mask ,egg white, fresh milk cream, rose water, coconut water paste of banana, papaya pate, lemon juice, neem paste and Multani meti all of them serve a beauty tip measure in order to shed rough skin. Even cucumber and yogurt when mixed together and applied as a mask can also serve as an authentic rough skin tip results in glowing skin. The pulp/ juices of cucumber, water melon, carrot, orange application over face for 15-20 minutes helps ones to reduce rough skin and thus can beautify their skin.

Step 4. Avoid Using Scrubs Rough On Skin:

The fourth rough skin tip is to avoid using facial scrubs harsh on your skin as many of them contains. For example ingredients like nuts, seeds and others which can produce scratch on skin needed to be avoided. Whereas exfoliating your skin with gentle scrubs and masks serve as a beauty tip. When your skin gets dry and rough try to use toners which contain salicylic/glycolic acids, Vitamin E and aloe Vera. It helps in shedding rough skin and applied as a beauty tip as well.

Step 5. Avoid Direct Skin Exposure:

The fifth rough skin tip is to avoiddirect sun exposure cause many skin diseases as well makes skin tan, dry and rough. Use of sun screen creams can help lowering rough skin dryness and add more to the beauty of oneself. Taking care of ones lips is essential in summers. Try to use unscented mint flavor balms as it accelerates cool affect over lips.

Step 6:Moisturizing Cleanser:

Lather your thighs generously with a moisturizing cleanser. If you like, add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil to your cleanser for an invigorating treatment.

Step 7: Scrub Lathered Things:

Moisten a mesh puff or loofah, then scrub your lathered thighs for one or two minutes on each leg. Use small, circular motions and moderate pressure.

Step 8.Use Warm Water:

Rinse the lather from your legs with warm water, then pat them dry with a soft towel.

Step 9. Lotion & Cream:

Apply a rich moisturizing lotion or cream. Massage the product into your thighs for one or two minutes.

Step 10: Shed Lemon Juice Spray On Skin:

If can’t avoid the sunscreen you can use the home made masks at home which can easily be made. The lemon is a very affective exfoliating agent on skin. Direct application of lemon juice over skin helps to shed rough skin and can be added as a beauty tip for both males and females. After that coconut/almond oil can apply afterwards for smoothening.

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