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Primark’s party collection will make you feel SO nostalgic for the 80s

Love or hate 1980s fashion, you can’t deny the era blazed a style path all its own. Whether you love looking at old photos of your mum’s perm (stifled LOLs included) or trying on that oversized bomber you just refuse to get rid of, there’s something we can all appreciate from the time.

For fashion lovers, it’s important to know that 80s trends are making a big return when it comes to party dressing (the likes of Saint Laurent and Nina Ricci can be thanked for that). Think power shoulders, high-shine, shocking brights, skin-tight boots and huge earrings – and no one is doing it better than Primark this season.

The high street fave has just dropped its party wear collection and it’s so good (and SO 80s). Gorgeous cocktail dresses, plunging jumpsuits, bold power suits, bodysuits and metallic accessories take center stage. The collection is as tactile as it is stunning: vinyl, crushed velvet, cobweb lace and sequins make it feel as decadent as it looks. The blacks and jewel-toned blues and greens will take you right back to the era.

We also love the collection’s vintage twists. Lace and embroidery give off 80s bridal vibes (Scott & Charlene would be proud) while Primark’s take on pearls – dripped over chic berets – is very on trend.

There’s also a major emphasis on sequins which we can all get on board with come Christmas time, right? The over the knee sequin boots (very YSL) and backpack will fulfill all of your 80s icon dreams.

GLAMOUR’s faves? Primark’s printed burgundy suit will make you feel like a power player and the silver velvet jumpsuit is perfect for any dance floor. Perfection.

The winter 2018 collection is available from October through to December.

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