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Palmistry: Men Should Not Have This Line On Their Palm!

Palmistry: Men Should Not Have This Line On Their Palm! November 3, 2018

The next time you playfully toy with your man’s hands, be sure to trace your fingers on the lines of his palm. No, this is not so you can please him with the tingling sensations and get some good action in return (ahem!). This is to find out if your SO’s palm doesn’t have this once crucial (almost pure evil) line.

Sounds a bit scary and dramatic, I know, but if you knew the catastrophic effects this line could bring and the disharmony it can cause, you’d be praying that you had checked it sooner. At least before it had gone that far.

Now it’s no surprise that according to palmistry, the lines on a person’s hand can be either lucky or unlucky. They can predict the future of a person. Guess by now you’ve figured it out that the line we’re going to talk about is pretty damn unlucky!

What Is This Line?

What Is This Line


The one good thing about this line is that it is pretty rare. So you can already breathe a sigh of relief as the man in your life in all likelihood may not have it. But it’s still good to know about it and find out for yourself if your bae actually has it or not.
The line we are talking about is Via Lasciva. This line can be either straight or curved and generally connects the ‘Mount of Moon’ with the ‘Mount of Venus’.

What Does This Line Indicate?

Nothing good, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, the Via Lasciva, according to palmistry, indicates that its possessors are extremely likely to overindulge in all aspects of life, be it food, drugs or even sex. The men who have this line generally direct all of their energy towards making a lot of money, and wouldn’t stop themselves from resorting to unlawful means to do the same. Such men are adrenaline junkies and will constantly crave for activities that excite them. Their personalities are, generally, quite addictive.

The Variations Of This Line

The Variations Of This Line

The unique thing about this line is that unlike other lines (for example the child line, marriage line etc.), this line only affects the one who possesses it. That said, Via Lasciva has many variations, which can indicate different things. Let’s check these out-
1. If this line is parallel to your man’s health line, then that means your guy has immense sexual energy and is quite lustful. It also means that he is greedy for money and obsessed with sensuality. Such a man is likely to be lost in sexual fantasies and may experience sensual dreams.

2. If it connects the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Moon in a semi-circular shape, it indicates an attitude of excitement and restlessness.

3. The Via Lasciva can also connect the Mount of Venus to Mount of Moon in a wavy pattern. And if that is the case, then it is a sign of drug addiction in a man. If coupled with a rough hand, this line can also indicate a drinking problem.

4. If this line, along with the brain line on the man’s palm is shorter than the rest of the lines and the person has a short thumb as well, it could indicate that he will have multiple sexual partners in his entire lifetime.

5. Moreover, the man who possesses this line can also be susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases due to his immense appetite for sex. In fact, it might be impossible for him to lead a regular life because of it.

6. If your man’s Via Lasciva line corresponds to a very light life line, he may fall sick frequently. This does not mean he will die an early death, but it surely means that his life will be riddled with diseases.

7. Men who have a heavy hand and also have the line of Via Lasciva on their arms will suffer from concentration troubles. They will find it extremely challenging to focus on the task at hand, which will cause disruption in their daily life and activities. They will often appear lost.

8. If this line is associated with a very weak or light head line, it doesn’t bode well either. This variation means that your guy is probably going to cheat on you and that he will always find it difficult to remain faithful to one single partner.

Other traits of a man who possesses the very rare and almost destructive line of Via Lasciva include a general sense of being lost in his own world and not caring about others’ opinions. That said, he will probably have a very clear and sharp mind and can be creative too, but he will seldom use it the right way.

It’s quite fascinating to see how a single line on the palm of one’s hand can speak more than a thousand words about him. Be sure to check if your man has this line, and if he does, you know what to do!

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