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How To Make Patiala Salwar at Home

How To Make Patiala Salwar at Home

How to make patiala salawar at home step by step method for girls. Punjabi Patiala Salwar Kameez stitching designs. It is very old fashion but it is still latest. It has different colors and patterns and designs. The small and tiny flowers are increase the beauty of the patiala salwar. It is very royal and attractive style for pants. Now a days men and women both like to wear patiala salwar.

It is more beautiful than saree and lehenga in any marriage ceremony. It is more cheap and simple than any other fashion or designs. If you want to wore patiala shalwar kameez then you should wear Khoosa shoe with it. It is very charming trend. Many girls wore patiala salwar and khoosa in many ceremonies.

In Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka and some Asian countries people wear patiala salwar kameez. No doubt it is a Punjabi fashion, but every where people like this fashion. Fatty people looks smart in patiala salwar. It is very open and comfort dress like lehenga. It is very popular in every ceremony and concerts. College girls mostly like to wear. It is also comfortable in normal routine.

How To Make Patiala Salwar at Home

How To Cut and Things You Need

Patiala salwar have always remained in fashion today. They are a great blend of utility and style which makes them a must have in our wardrobe. Patiala salwars are worn with short tops or kurtis and are usually stitched with cotton, satin materials, etc. Patialas with embroidery and patchwork are also very popular. Patiala salwars require more cloth than an ordinary salwar. While ordinary salwars require about 2 ½ metres of cloth, patiala salwars require nearly 3 ½ metres of cloth.

Basically a patiala salwar has 3 parts

  • One waist band
  • 2 kalli pieces (one for each leg)
  • 4 triangle shaped pieces (two for each leg)

How To Make Patiala Salwar at Home

Apart from this draw string and ankle bands also have to be stitched and described in video tutorial.


In above video, How to make a pataila salwar at home. It is very easy and simple way. You can learn step by step method to stitching the patiala salwar. You can learn this method in few minutes to make a patiala salwar.

How To Make Patiala Salwar at Home

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