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500 Ultra Sexy Tattoos for Girls [2018 Collection]

Fashion conscious girls love to accentuate their beauty and best features with designer clothing, make up and accessories. In addition to these fashion tips and ideas, tattoos for girls make an amazing way to highlight their personalities and make heads turn in their direction. Tattoos can literally add a new dimension to the personality of young boys and girls, and at the same time, they can reflect their attitude and present them as cool and stylish youngsters. When we talk about tattoos for girls, there was a time when they were considered as a taboo for them, showcasing a rebellious streak in these young girls, but over a period of time, tattoos became more of a fashion statement rather than a symbol of rebellion.

Some fifty or sixty years ago was the period of time when women who bore tattoos were looked down upon with regard to their moral character, but time has brought a big change in this attitude with progressive thinking. This led to social acceptance of female tattoos and they made an important place in tattoo art, with tattoo designers putting in more and more efforts for creating special tattoo design ideas for girls. Moreover, as female celebrities have shown an inclination towards getting themselves inked, the popularity of tattoos for girls have reached a new high.

Choosing the Right Tattoo Designs for Girls

Tattoos for girls have become a widely popular form of feminine body art, with more and more girls going for them, despite the pain and price factors. There was a time when more men were seen sporting tattoos on their chests, arms and shoulders, but these days, tattoos for girls are becoming equally visible. While going for a body tattoo design, girls should not only consider the aesthetic value of the tattoo but also the symbolic meaning of its design as the tattoo is going to be a part of her for a lifetime, which makes it necessary to be meaningful and reflective. Feminine designs need to be delicate and for a first time bearer, the smaller the design, the better it is. It is so because a small design would cost lesser and also it would be less painful as compared to a bigger design.

Moreover, smaller tattoos are more desirable as they look cute and they can be easily hidden, if the girl wants to hide it sometime later. Another benefit of having a small sized tattoo done is that smaller tattoos can later be hidden underneath larger ones, once the bearer gets bored with it. Tattoos for girls need to be intricate and should not be at all aggressive, a trend which is more prevalent in tattoo designs for men. Overall, a girl should choose the tattoo design with great care because a tattoo is of lasting nature and it needs to be something really special, which she can bear forever and ever.

Placement of Tattoos for Girls

In addition to making the right choice of tattoo design, placement of tattoos is equally vital when talking about tattoos for girls. Tattoos reflect some very special emotions like love, happiness, rebellion, freedom, pain and affection, which makes it all the more important for them to be placed at the correct location on a girl’s body. The place where a tattoo is to be inscribed should be such that the location and the design should complement each other and make the tattoo even more meaningful. For instance, a girl can have the name of her lover tattooed on her ring finger to showcase the eternal love for him. On the other hand, the wrists, fingers, ear and ankles are ideal to feature small tattoos like stars, hearts, flowers, birds or anchors. A quote or name can be incorporated here and there. The placement of a tattoo on a girl’s body can give it a whole new meaning and at the same time, accentuate that part of the body.

The positioning also determines how eye catching a tattoo can be. Some other favorable spots for tattoos for girls are back, stomach, sleeve, rib, chest, thighs, legs, neck, shoulder and inner arms. One can also have a tattoo on her feet, but these need extra care and are not quite long lasting, because of the nature of the skin in this area. Tattoos on lower back, side, thighs and hips can be flaunted by girls, when they wear beach wear or revealing dresses. Such tattoos are becoming increasingly popular these days because man global celebrities have been seen showing them off on more than one occasions.

Popular Designs for Tattoos for Girls

As said before, tattoos for girls need to feature smaller, delicate and feminine designs, yet they need to have a symbolic meaning. Here are some of the most popular designs in tattoos for girls:

Heart Tattoos – The heart is the eternal symbol of love and passion, which makes it ideal to be featured on females. Small sized heart designs are ideal for girls, with Celtic hearts and paired hearts being the most favored ones among the girls. Pairs usually represent the beloved or spouse and can be incorporated by the couple’s name to make the tattoo more meaningful. Ornate designs also seem to have its own set of fans, while simple designs featuring colored hearts remain timeless favorite among girls.

Flower Tattoos – Another well loved tattoo for girls is the floral design, which is considered feminine and delicate. The beauty and delicacy of flowers make them more suitable for being used in designer tattoos for girls. Additionally, designers can use this highly versatile option for creating innovative designs with numerous options available in flowers such as roses, sunflowers, lilies, lotus, daffodils, cherry blossom, hibiscus and many more. Also, each of these flowers is associated with a different symbolic meaning and girls can choose the one which suits her personality.

Butterflies and Birds – Some other preferred tattoo designs for girls feature natural objects like butterflies and birds, which not only look very feminine and pretty on girls, but also symbolize freedom and beauty. Fairies and angels can also be included in designs for tattoos for girls and they represent special magical powers. Tattoo designers have also used dragon flies and ladybugs among tattoo designs. Birds such as swallow, hummingbird, phoenix and dove are most popular among tattoo lovers.

Celestial Bodies – Another cool option in tattoos for girls is celestial bodies like stars, sun and moon. A crescent moon along with a few small stars looks very pretty on girls. These designs look pretty on wrists, ankles, upper arms and neck. Some girls can go for zodiac signs according to their birth dates.

Words and Quotes – In addition to delicate images and designs, some girls prefer simple and plain words and quotes while going for a tattoo on their body. But this, in no way means that these tattoos are less than colorful picture bearing designs, rather they are far more meaningful. Even celebrities are going for such tattoos which carry the names of their loved ones or text relating to their feelings and attitude. To add a designer effect to these text tattoos, the creative designer will incorporate text with pictures for a complete effect.

Bow Tattoo – Bow tattoo is another ultra feminine design, which is quite popular among women of all ages, as these represent love and femininity. The ribbon bow design looks good on ankles, wrists, arms, back, neck, back of the ear and legs. Vibrantly colored bows look even prettier on girls, with red bows standing for love and passion and white ones symbolizing childlike innocence.

Bejeweled Tattoos – One of the most favored tattoo designs for girls is the bejeweled designs, presenting tattoos in the form of jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, pendants and ear rings. A great way to carry the reminder of a lifelong relationship with your spouse is to have the wedding ring tattoo on the ring finger, which can be kept along with the bearer at all times. Some girls can get friendship bracelet pairs with the best friends name etched on her wrist. A pendant tattoo close to the heart not only looks pretty on girls but also expresses the feelings close to one’s heart, as one can have the name of a loved one written in the pendant tattoo. These look trendy and are not likely to be lost.

Besides all the tattoo designs mentioned above, another cool and useful option of making use of tattoo designs is make up tattoos, which helps girls get permanent make up. These include lip liners, eye liners and brow liners, which saves the girls from doing make up again and again, and making them good forever and ever. The process is quite expensive and painful but the results are absolutely amazing. Another preferable choice is tribal designs such as dreamcatcher, feathers, anchors, cross, infinity, maori, samurais, yin yang, mandala, buddha, musical instruments, ribbon, dragon, lion, owl, octopus, elephant, wolf, disney, arrows, skulls, compass, geometric, trees, pocket watch, biomechanical, pin up girl, japanese tattoos and fish designs, which have some extra special meaning. Some designs such as 3d tattoos, old school tattoos, white ink tattoos, day of the dead tattoos, sister tattoos, mother daughter tattoos, best friend tattoos, carpe diem tattoos, watercolor tattoos, henna tattoos are most popular among tattoo lovers.

With so many options available in girlish tattoos, these tattoos have now become even more attractive, inviting girls and women to have these tattoos done. So when are you planning to have a new tattoo done???


There was a time when tattoos were considered a man thing, but tattoos for girls have reached great heights of popularity today, with common girls as well as celebrities endorsing this amazing form of body art. Some of the most popular designs in tattoos for girls are hearts, flowers, stars, moon, butterflies, birds, tribal tattoos and jewelry tattoos. The spots where these tattoos are featured are ankles, wrists, fingers, neck, back, shoulder, arms and legs.

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