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210 Stunning Bird Tattoos And Their Symbolic Meanings

Nature has created huge diversity in nature- from man to animals and the winged creatures, birds, which stand for freedom and emancipation. These amazing creatures have fascinated the humans with their ability of flapping their wings and flying high in the skies. It is perhaps, this fascination which has made bird tattoos a favorite choice among tattoo lovers, in the past and today. These tattoo designs have impressed both men and women, who want them to be inked on their bodies. Bird tattoos have interested the designers since a long time, and this is the reason why they have been unleashing their creativity for bringing forth some innovative ideas for the best of designs in this genre. These tattoos are not only high in aesthetic value, but are considered symbolically important too.

Symbolic Significance of Bird Tattoos

Birds are associated with freedom and ultimate liberty of the soul and the mind, which is why a person bearing a bird tattoo is usually regarded as a free spirited one, who has both the attitude and strength of character of being himself. Birds have a great significance in the symbolic sense as they are an important part of history and mythology in different cultures around the world. In many cultures, birds have been instrumental in helping heroes to help fight evil and be victorious over it, which makes them such revered creatures, while in some other cultures, they have been regarded as negative beings. In Christianity, birds have been compared with angels as both of them have wings, which associate birds with goodness. Similarly, they have featured in a number of important religious ceremonies of certain cultures, while they have been a part of nuptial customs of Africa. In fact, the cultural significance of these feathered creatures have earned them a rightful place in the fields of art too, as in this case, in tattoo art.

Creative Bird Tattoo Designs

The variety in bird tattoo designs is immense, owing to the presence of countless species of birds in nature. Each particular species of birds is associated with its own characteristic features and personality traits, which frame the basis of choosing a bird tattoo design for oneself. It can be done on the basis of resemblance of one’s own personality or attitude to a particular species of birds. The birds which have found popular place in bird tattoo designs include eagles, phoenix, swallows, sparrows, doves, peacocks tattoos, humming birds, raven and crow tattoos to name just a few. Here are some popular bird tattoo designs:

  • Couple Bird Tattoos – Instead of single bird tattoos, people usually prefer designs which show birds in the form of couples. They can be shown as a symbol of free love and togetherness between a couple. A bird tattoo can also represent sexuality as in some cultures, the cock, which is a bird is considered as the male organ.
  • Bird Silhouette Tattoo – Instead of picturing a bird, another bird tattoo design is the one which shows the silhouette of a bird or a cluster of them, pictured over a wide area, as the back or the chest of the bearer. It can also be fashioned on the arm or the shoulder. Silhouettes of small birds done in simple black color, look good on the forearm or the back. A feather can be incorporated along with the design to make the design more intricate and appealing.
  • Good v/s Evil Bird Tattoo – Another impressive bird tattoo is the one which showcases a bird image in the form of a story, which depicts the ultimate victory of the good over the evil. For instance, the tattoo design may include a bird which stands for the good, putting up a fight against a snake, which represents the evil.
  • Dove Bird Tattoos – Doves are the birds, which have symbolized peace and harmony since times immemorial. By opting for a dove bird tattoo design, a person can make a show of his peace loving and calm nature, showing his attitude to the whole world. This artful piece of work can be presented on the back, neck, arm or leg. The word “Peace” or a related quote can be inked along with to make the tattoo even more meaningful.
  • Love Tattoo – A pair of birds singing some musical notes with a colorful backdrop can be used as a tattoo symbolizing love. One can have some words or quotes added to the tattoo, or the name of a loved one.
  • Peacock Tattoo – A vibrantly colored peacock tattoo can look really amazing on both, men as well as women. Peacock tattoo needs a great deal of detailing and impressive use of bright colors, which makes it essential that the tattoo should be done by an experienced and qualified tattoo artist only. Also, it can be quite expensive and a lot of pain may be involved to create the difficult design. The peacock tattoo is considerably big in size and needs a large area to be inked on. Despite so many complications involved in getting such a tattoo, the beauty of this tattoo makes it a highly desirable bird tattoo design.
  • Tweety Bird Tattoo – Most of us would be familiar with the famous cartoon bird tattoo called Tweety. This is another great choice for those looking to get cool and funny looking bird tattoos. Tweety bird design is a small one, which is suitable for smaller areas like the wrist and the ankle.
  • Swallow Bird Tattoo – Swallow is a bird which stands for peace and this is a well liked option for those interested in getting bird tattoos etched. This bird can be done in some bright colors or a single black or grey, but the results are equally impressive. One can go for the either of them, depending upon one’s personal taste. A swallow carrying a rosary is a well appreciated bird tattoo design, which can be seen commonly.
  • Tribal Bird Tattoo and Phoenix Tattoo – Tribal designs remain the timeless favorites among all kinds of tattoo designs, as these traditional designs reflect the ancient tattoo art in all its originality. Tribal bird tattoos are done in black, with flowing and swirling patterns to create an amazing end result. One of the most impressive patterns in tribal bird designs is the tribal fire bird tattoo, which shows the bird in flames, just like the phoenix. The phoenix bird holds a place of importance in ancient Egyptian and Chinese culture, as they signify the rise of the bird from the dead or its rebirth, reflecting the same attitude in the tattoo bearer. Phoenix tattoos have their own set of fans, with people going for brightly colored as well as classic black phoenix tattoos. Tribal design also feature birds with design elements like flowers, which can make them look aesthetically beautiful.

In addition to the bird tattoo designs mentioned above, there have been continued efforts to add more variety of design in bird tattoos, with birds like sand pipers, humming birds, ravens and Celtic bird patterns included in bird tattoo designs. The overall aim of bird tattoos is to not only to attract attention towards the bearer, but also bring out the actual personality and attitude of the tattoo bearer.

Beautiful Images Of Bird Tattoos

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