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21 Gloriously Lazy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas That are Both Comfy and Cute

Thanksgiving style can be… tricky. Obviously fashion isn’t at the forefront of our minds like it usually is, considering we’re preparing to eat enough food that’ll require us to undo the top button of our pants. But, we still gotta look cute. Or, at the very least, look presentable enough to post a holiday pic or two to Instagram.

Our recommendation? Comfort first, always. Plus a little polish to give your grandmother some reassurance that yes, indeed, you do have your shit together despite not having a husband/baby/mortgage quite yet. Denim is usually a good fallback (provided it has a little stretch), or you could take advantage of the pajama-dressing trend with a chic matching set. Oversized sweaters are a no-brainer for a day of feasting, and layering one over a turtleneck and wool culottes, or a plaid mini and opaque tights, ensures you’ll be chic and cozy right though till the tryptophan hits.

In the slideshow, get inspired with 21 outfit ideas you can wear this Thanksgiving.

Originally published November 2016. Updated November 2018.

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