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20 Chic Thanksgiving Decor DIYs That Don’t Look Tacky

There’s no way around it, playing host for Thanksgiving is stressful. Between having to make a perfectly roasted turkey, 1.2 million sides and a whole array of pies, there’s obviously plenty to do. Not to mention the fact it’s all pretty expensive. And while all of the cooking is going to keep you on your toes (while draining your bank account), clearly you want your decor to be on point. You can go the store-bought route, but that’s just more money. Plus, store-bought Thanksgiving decorations always look pretty cheesy. This is where some simple crafts come in.

We’re loving the idea of adding simple DIY touches around your home and at the dining room table that your guests will love. To show you some simple Thanksgiving crafts you can make to decorate your pad, we’ve rounded up some easy projects to try.

Originally published November 2014. Updated October 2018.

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