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11 Cutting-Edge Face Masks That Definitely Warrant a Shameless Selfie

Undisputed fact: The beauty routines of men and women with impossibly beautiful skin include a mask or two. Sure, there are priceless hacks that promise smaller pores and a balanced complexion—like drinking tons of water—but they’re just not as fun (and arguably not as effective) as covering your face in clay or a gooey sheet.

And with the number of face mask options continuing to grow, it’s impossible to get bored with any one product. This season has already delivered an impressive variety of innovations that warrant a pampering sesh or selfie, so we’re spotlighting the ones that deserve some shameless promotion on your Instagram feed.

From a violet brightener to a knitted lifter, these 11 face masks are the double-tap-worthy face ones you should be wearing this winter.

Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask

You’ll have fun coating your face in this purple-tinged mix of Japanese beautyberry, 2 types of Vitamin C and more for softer, glowing skin.

$68, at Tatcha


STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | Make P:REM Sauna Foil Mask

MAKE P:REM Firming Sauna Foil Mask

The inside of this mask is made with a cotton-like material that sticks to the skin for deep hydration, while the foil outer layer is heated to open pores.

$6, at Glow Recipe


STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | NEOGEN Pink Cactus Liftmax Knit Mask

NEOGEN Pink Cactus Liftmax Knit Mask

The unique cotton texture of this mask delivers a whopping 60mg of essence directly to the skin and should be used after you’ve cleansed and applied a toner.

$6, at Soko Glam


STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | boscia Luminizing Pink Mask

boscia Luminizing Pink Mask

If you’re obsessed with all things millennial pink, you’ll love this limited edition mineral-rich mask made with activated black charcoal.

$34, at Sephora


STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | GLAMGLOW Bubblesheet

GLAMGLOW Bubblesheet

This oxygenating, charcoal-infused mask foams up as you wear it, revealing the glowy skin of your dreams in minutes.



STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | GLAMGLOW Power Rangers

GLAMGLOW Power Rangers ‘Rita Repulsa’ GRAVITYMUD Mask

Leave them green with envy when you apply this special edition tightening and firming mask.

$29, at GLAMGLOW


STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | Memebox I Dew Care Calming Calamine Clay Mask

Memebox I Dew Care Calming Calamine Clay Mask

We’re obsessed with this K-beauty brand’s brightly colored and highly effective clay masks, including this one for next level hydration.

$19, at Memebox


STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | Dr. Jart+ Tarot of Masks

Dr. Jart+ Tarot of Masks

This limited edition mix of the brand’s top-selling masks includes the rubber mask we love wearing in-flight.

$36, at Sephora

Dr. Jart+

STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | Wish Formula Bat Eye Mask

Wish Formula Bat Eye Mask

Channel your inner superhero with this bat-shaped eye mask, infused with the nutrients you need to diminish fine lines an dark under eye circles.

$4, at Peach & Lily

Wish Formula

STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | Charlotte Tilbury Dry Mask

Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Mask

If a slimy sheet mask isn’t your idea of a good time, this 15-minute alternative, inspired by K-beauty, will leave your skin just as glowy and gorgeous.

$22, at Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

STYLECASTER | New Face Masks | SNP Brightening Mask

SNP Jelly Vita Brightening Toning Mask

This jelly-like transparent mask is loaded with vitamin C to revitalize dull skin and kiwi extract for added nourishment.

$25, at Amazon


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