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Snapdragon Skull Beautiful Flowers

The antirrhinum and snapdragon or snapdragon flower snapdragon skull other name is dragon snap flower dried, snapdragon flower are most strange flowers in the world. The Snapdragon flowers are look very beautiful when it bloom, but when it seed pods become dry. Then, This dry seed  pods same looks like a tiny skulls.

No Doubt, When they are alive, surely snapdragons makes very beautiful flowers. But when they died. Its seed pods something happens.. The dead flowers heads looks like the human skulls. When you will squeeze then between your hand’s fingers then the skull also open and shut its mouth.

Snapdragon Skull Beautiful Flowers

The snap dragon plant also  shows the principle of ‘nature that every thing is beautiful at its bloom but its beauty is always mortal and at the ti me its beauty  gone and the time changes its beauty to ugliness   it is same like of humans that they will also change into just skull and skeleton after his youth This plant snap dragon also changes from flower to skull   after its bloom  this is the unbelievable truths of Nature.

Snapdragon Skull Beautiful Flowers This plant have very beautiful flowers and a incredible skull shaped flower it is really an amazing plant  Its name is snap dragon because its shape is just like the snap of a Dragon s skull it really seems like to skull of a dragon or other animals like humans.
Snapdragon Skull Beautiful Flowers

Its really a great discovery  it seems very crazy thing to grow such an amazing plant in your garden What you feels about this crazy idea you can also make your friends jealous to have snap dragon skull in your garden.

Snapdragon Skull Beautiful Flowers

In the above picture, You can see the green leaves and pink flowers colors is Snapdragon Skull Beautiful Flowers clearly. And on the other hand the dry and dead skull or antirrhinum majus photo is shown.


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