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Jaguar Skin Belt – A Wild Fashion and Tradition

This Jaguar skin belt, known as a Kamarapicho was an essential part of a Wai Wai man’s festival clothing. Despite the fact that the Wai Wai of the Guyanese Brazilian fringe chased jaguar the meat was never eaten. Rather, teeth and paws were worn as pieces of jewelry, little bones were made into woodwinds, and the skins were utilized as drum films or for celebration dress. This belt has additionally been brightened with two packs of red breast quills from a toucan or a macaw parrot. These would hang over every hip and would move when the wearer moved or wrestled. And additionally the Kamarapicho, men wore hats and different ornaments produced using feathers of birds.

Jaguar Skin Belt


Customarily the Wai Wai presumed the sky, earth and water were the three layers that made up the universe. Men, shaman, Jaguars and birds lived in the sky domain. All body designs had profound and in addition tasteful criticalness. Just men could make and wear decorations produced using quills and panther skin. The Wai Wai had next to no contact with western society until the 1950s when their lives were changed by the working of an airstrip and the entry of evangelists. Inside an era, the Wai Wai had all been changed over to Christianity. This belt is a piece of an accumulation of Wai Wai curios from the upper Essequibo-Mapuera area bought from Mr. J. Chestnut in 1953.

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