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Men’s Jeans Five Pocket Jeans


Jeans five-pocket-jeans are simply very famous. Levi Strauss was inventor of worldwide fashion hit.

He originally designed for California gold miners and this Jeans became a symbol of recognition among Hollywood stars and for the young generation who adopted it.


Men’s Jeans Five Pocket Jeans style remain popular since it designed. Jeans of that time and present have not changed. The major characteristics of men’s Jeans includes pocket style , denim fabrics and studs.

Basically Denim is a thick cotton woven fabric with a twill pattern traditionally dyed indigo.

One can wear a good pair of jeans, denim loses its color as time passes and it get a typical distressed look.

Men's Jeans Five Pocket Jeans
Men’s Jeans Five Pocket Jeans

Today of the shelf, there are available stylish jeans in a used style and of course you will be able to choose from lots of different washes.

A good fit is a very important consideration is a good fit, when you are buying a pair of jeans.


In fashion it is most important for men’s jeans should straight legs and slim fit. Classic jeans made of 100% cotton, today little stretch fabrics to max better for slim fit.

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