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Stranger Things

TV is all about the sassy girls RN – and we like it ????

This year, TV has given us not one – but three – fantastically sharp-tongued, don’t-mess-with-me young female characters. And ‘sassy girl’ is a character archetype we can totally get on board with. From L-R: Chloe (Big Little Lies), Erica (Stranger Things), Lady Mormont (Game Of Thrones) First, we had Chloe in Big Little Lies, an eye-rolling, music-loving, dude of a …

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Can we just talk about this Stranger Things cake?!

Let’s face it, Stranger Things has taken over our lives since the show first aired in July 2016. From Halloween costumes, to the Louis Vuitton spring summer 2018 runway, the sci-fi show is everywhere. But with season two being our current obsession, super fans can now celebrate in the best way possible… with CAKE. Netflix Honestly, what better viewing party …

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Photo evidence proving Millie Bobby Brown is cooler than most grown adults

In the incredibly short time since 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown hit the world’s screen starring as Eleven in Stranger Things, the young actress has proved herself to be one to watch in fashion. Between starring in a Calvin Klein campaign, landing magazine covers and sitting front row at the shows, Millie’s being taken seriously in the fashion world. Even Giorgio …

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The surprise hero of Stranger Things? It's Steve

Now the world has devoured Stranger Things 2 (and if you haven’t get out of her now: major spoilers ahead), an unlikely hero has emerged: Steve Harrington (played by Joe Keery), the bouffant-haired, popular high-school guy, who we admittedly dismissed as being a bit of an idiot. Netflix Partly, it’s because we wanted Nancy to get with the sensitive Jonathan, …

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