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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner's birthday outfit was all business on top, party at the bottom

A Kardashian-Jenner birthday isn’t complete without one of three elements: some sort of lavish family soirée at a fancy restaurant (interchange The Nice Guy with any other exclusive Hollywood joint), an unnecessary fifth sports car as a gift, and a killer, KILLER birthday outfit. Kendall Jenner is particularly good at the latter, serving her most major looks each time her …

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The No. 1 beauty secret of top celebrities from Kim to Aishwarya to Taylor… And does it really work?

Ok, so every time I pick up a beauty magazine some celeb or another says their beauty secret is “I drink a lot of water”! And I’m always like “That’s such BS!” You obviously don’t want people to know your beauty secrets so you’re resorting to this age-old crappy line. But then, after seeing it repeated again and again and …

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