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Mirza Ahmad Saeed Baig

The joy of a good f*ck

I have a bit of a problem with swearing. Actually, it’s not a problem – I’m really f*cking good at it. I can turn the air blue in anger, in joy, and for no reason at all than to wrap my tongue around one of those gorgeous words that I know make people laugh, gasp and occasionally, tut. iStock My …

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15 Beauty Brands With Wide Foundation Shade Ranges

As a white woman, finding foundation that matches my skin tone has never been too difficult. That’s because for as long as we can remember, the beauty industry has catered to white and/or mainstream standards of beauty. Fortunately, everyone’s getting a much-needed wake-up call in 2018, as companies are belatedly starting to produce for people of all shades. Don’t get …

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27 Faux Fur Coats and Accessories That are Even Better Than the Real Deal

Winter would be a total drag if we didn’t have soft and cozy coats and accessories to cuddle into. There’s no better feeling than being swathed in warm, fuzzy fabric while also looking pretty damn cute (other than, you know, it actually being warm enough to not have to wear 20 layers—but that’s irrelevant). From snug and stylish beanies to …

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These 10 tech jobs pay six-figure salaries — and you don't even need a college degree

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/Flickr A four-year degree isn’t necessary to achieve a six-figure salary in tech, according to a new study. Startups and big public companies like Google, Uber, and Apple hire engineers and product managers who don’t have a college degree. Employees in those roles can make more than $100,000 per year. You don’t need a …

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Jennifer Lawrence Once Got Naked in Kris Jenner’s Closet and Asked Kim Kardashian to Dress Her

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is a “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” super-fan. (She’s built a shrine to the family on the set of a movie before.) So when we heard that the 27-year-old actress got drunk, stripped down butt-naked, and talked about farts within hours of meeting the reality TV family, we weren’t too surprised by her instant …

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If you love 'Stranger Things,' you should watch these 10 shows too

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) on the first season of “Stranger Things.” Netflix If you’ve already binged the newest season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” (and brushed up on all the ’80s movie references in the series and other details you missed), then you’re probably itching to start another new show. INSIDER worked with Taykey, an advertising technology company that can pinpoint …

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Hotel Review: Gstaad Palace, Switzerland

Towering over the picture-perfect village of Gstaad, this historic hotel offers cinematic views of the Swiss Alps, luxurious spa experiences and buckets of alpine authenticity. First things first: you don’t have to be a skier to visit the Gstaad Palace, one of the most glamourous alpine hotspots in Switzerland. If you do come for the slopes, there’s over 125 miles …

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