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Mirza Ahmad Saeed Baig

Christopher Bailey to leave Burberry after 17 years at the helm

Burberry shocked the industry today by announcing its president and creative director Christopher Bailey will be stepping down next year after a 17-year tenure. REX The British fashion house confirmed today that Christopher Bailey will leave Burberry at the end of 2018. Mr Bailey commented: “It has been the great privilege of my working life to be at Burberry, working …

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8 Signs You May Have OCD

8 Signs You May Have OCD Chandrama Deshmukh October 27, 2018 When do simple personality quirks actually cross a line and enter the realm of obsessive-compulsive disorder? Are you hooked on your trusty hand sanitizer? Is your closet organized down to every button? Such quirks are usually dismissed as eccentricities of a personality or strange preferences. However, sometimes, there could …

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Pakistan National Bird And Animal – Complete Details

Pakistan National Bird And Animal – Complete Details No doubt Pakistan is a land of endless beauty. The huge mountains, beautiful valleys, largest mines, amazing beaches and beautiful waterfalls, Pakistan has it all. Pakistan is one of the biggest economies as well. There are lots of things and places can be discussed on Pakistan but in this post, we will …

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20 Breathtaking Purple Ombre Hair Color Ideas

20 Breathtaking Purple Ombre Hair Color Ideas Meenal Rajapet October 27, 2018 Alternative hair has become so popular, it is almost mainstream right now. Purple hair, especially, has become one of the biggest trends in the scene. With different shades of lilac, lavender, plum, and violet to choose from, there is something for everyone when it comes to this versatile …

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Cute Mehndi Designs for Kids

Choosing the cute mehndi Designs for Kids will provide a beautiful appearance to their fingers and hand. Lots of Kids Mehandi Design are very easy and simple that can be done in less time The cute things about the small Girls or Small baby Kids Mehndi Designs is that you could create it look great with any kind of Mehendi Pattern from the Given Below Beautiful Mehndi Designs Images little simple Mehndi Pattern for Kids Usually kids or child keep to loving the the small finger mehndi designs working into importance to the their hand will …

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Why I spent years creating an app that would make women feel confident without makeup or filters.

It all began with these two startling facts. It broke my heart when I read this. ???? Because it meant that a majority of women’s self-esteem depends on using ‘tools’ to make them appear more beautiful. That these women don’t genuinely feel beautiful or confident enough just as they are. Having spent more than a decade in the Beauty Industry, …

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10 Thoroughly Modern Cookbooks You Need to Own This Fall

When was the last time you bought a cookbook? We wouldn’t fault you if the answer was “never.” After all, many of them are either dated or overly complicated, and you can find pretty much any recipe you’re looking for on Pinterest—for free. But there’s a new crop of cookbooks debuting this fall that are guaranteed to change your tune. …

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What happens to your body after you die

There’s no fighting it; each of us will die at some point. What happens next is a fascinating — if frightening — natural process. Without preservation techniques like embalming or mummification, your body slowly begins to decay the second your heart stops beating. It starts small, down at the cellular level. Your cells die, then bacteria, animals, and even the …

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