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Mirza Ahmad Saeed Baig

500 Ultra Sexy Tattoos for Girls [2018 Collection]

Fashion conscious girls love to accentuate their beauty and best features with designer clothing, make up and accessories. In addition to these fashion tips and ideas, tattoos for girls make an amazing way to highlight their personalities and make heads turn in their direction. Tattoos can literally add a new dimension to the personality of young boys and girls, and …

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Pakistan Postal Codes With Area, City, Province

Pakistan Postal Codes With Area, City, Province Pakistan Postal Codes were introduced in 1988 to sort out the delivery and post functions. Pakistan Post Office is one of the biggest department in Pakistan. GPO was founded in 1947 for post and telegraph. In this post, you will find the complete list of Pakistan Postal Codes with its area, zip code, …

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Indian Mehndi Designs for Hands

Indian Mehndi Designs for Hands: – The term itself reveals everything regarding conventional apply of getting Indian Mehndi Designs for Left and Right Hands. this kind of Henna mehndi designs for hands are generally simple and easy and also more preferred in India , Arabic as well as Pakistan, women’s and girls’ beautify usually on wedding day functions , certain …

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Why I went without makeup for my own wedding!! [with PHOTOS]

Have you gone to a wedding and not recognized the bride? Sometimes it’s because the bride requests a ‘makeover’. Other times it’s thanks to an overzealous makeup artist who insists that heavy ‘bridal makeup’ will look amazing in pictures.Whatever the reason, the bride looks nothing like herself – which is a real pity. I didn’t realize how much this bothered …

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9 Signs Your Relationship is Past its Expiration Date, According to Real Women

Most of us have been in a relationship that lasted a little (or a lot) longer than it should have. Breakups suck, so who can blame us for wanting to avoid them? Still, staying in a dysfunctional, unhappy couple longer than necessary can be even worse than ripping the band-aid off and just calling it quits. And watching someone else be …

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Tesla jumps more than 3% after reportedly solving its Model 3 bottleneck (TSLA)

Benjamin Zhang/Business Insider Tesla’s partner, Panasonic, says the automaker has figured out its production problems with the Model 3. The company should be able to make vehicles much faster now. Tesla closed up 3.28% on Tuesday. Tesla shares jumped 3.28% on Tuesday to $330.94 a piece after the company’s battery production partner said that it has solved its production bottleneck. …

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Christopher Bailey to leave Burberry after 17 years at the helm

Burberry shocked the industry today by announcing its president and creative director Christopher Bailey will be stepping down next year after a 17-year tenure. REX The British fashion house confirmed today that Christopher Bailey will leave Burberry at the end of 2018. Mr Bailey commented: “It has been the great privilege of my working life to be at Burberry, working …

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8 Signs You May Have OCD

8 Signs You May Have OCD Chandrama Deshmukh October 27, 2018 When do simple personality quirks actually cross a line and enter the realm of obsessive-compulsive disorder? Are you hooked on your trusty hand sanitizer? Is your closet organized down to every button? Such quirks are usually dismissed as eccentricities of a personality or strange preferences. However, sometimes, there could …

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Pakistan National Bird And Animal – Complete Details

Pakistan National Bird And Animal – Complete Details No doubt Pakistan is a land of endless beauty. The huge mountains, beautiful valleys, largest mines, amazing beaches and beautiful waterfalls, Pakistan has it all. Pakistan is one of the biggest economies as well. There are lots of things and places can be discussed on Pakistan but in this post, we will …

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