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Mirza Ahmad Saeed Baig

How Karlie Kloss’s Makeup Artist Gets Her Red Lipstick to Last

The scroll is real on Halloween. Each year, we spend more time than we should swiping through Instagram and gawking at the incredible celebrity makeovers. And who could blame us? It’s hard to pull our eyes away from their expert-level transformations. One celeb we had to double tap this time around was Karlie Kloss, who imitated the late, great Marilyn Monroe …

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A grade school backed by Mark Zuckerberg is closing its Silicon Valley location after spending $40 million a year

Darren Weaver A new kind of school crafted by the minds and wallets of Silicon Valley influencers is struggling. AltSchool, an educational software developer and network of “micro-schools” with nine locations in California and New York, is shuttering at least one location and is scaling back its ambitious plans for expansion, according to a new report in Bloomberg. Max Ventilla, …

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These beauty pageant contestants used their platform to discuss violence against women ????

If you’re of the opinion that beauty contests are simply a way to objectify women and reduce them to their bra size, then you’re not alone. But the Miss Peru 2018 competition, which took place on Sunday, may just change your mind. Instead of listing their bust, waist and hip measurements, each contestant gave facts and statistics about femicide and …

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Mausummery Cambric Ready to Wear Winter Collection 2018

Let’s Talk about something new and unique. Are you looking for something elegant & mesmerizing? then you need to have a brand Like Mausummery who is getting a foothold in the market by all grace. In this fashion blog, we will talk about the Mausummery brand, and we will show you Mausummery cambric ready to wear winter collection 2018 here. …

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The 17 Most Common Mistakes People Make Early on in Relationships

After months or years of swiping, you’ve finally found a guy or gal worth keeping around for awhile. While the early part of a new relationship is fun and exciting, those first few weeks will also help determine whether the relationship moves forward or not. So, not to freak you out or anything, but it’s kinda crucial to pay attention …

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Tesla fired 700 employees after performance reviews in the third quarter (TSLA)

Reuters/Bobby Yip; Business Insider/Dave Smith Tesla CEO Elon Musk said 700 employees were fired after performance reviews. Musk condemned coverage of the terminations, saying journalists failed to provide context. Tesla has declined to say how many people were fired before Wednesday’s earnings call. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said 700 employees were fired after performance reviews in the third quarter — …

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The cutest celebrity kids this Halloween ????????????????

We love Halloween, from the great celebrity costumes to spookylish good hair and makeup, there’s plenty to look forward to every year. And we’re pretty sad that it’s over! But one thing might top it all, the adorable A-list babies in costumes. Whether the celebrities go all out and dress up the whole family, or just share a sweet onesie …

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8 Ways Your Husband Will Change Once You Have Kids

Giving birth to a child brings about a lot of changes in women as they prepare to embrace motherhood. However, women, you are not the only one who is changing – you will be surprised to know how much your husband will change once you have kids. Not only will he be by your side throughout your pregnancy, satisfying your …

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How Many C-Sections Are Safe For Mums To Have?

How Many C-Sections Are Safe For Mums To Have? Chandrama Deshmukh November 1, 2018 In today’s world, having a C-section during childbirth has become ubiquitous. Many mothers are now more comfortable with the idea of undergoing a C-section as compared to women a decade ago. A cesarean section, occasionally referred to as a C-section, is a form of childbirth where …

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