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250 Most Beautiful Koi Fish Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Generally, Koi fish tattoo designs are regarded as one of the most popular and beautiful among tattoo designs, which are attributed to their large size, adorned with vibrant colors and exquisite shading. Koi is the Japanese name of the carp, a common edible fish, which is also recognized as a playful pet too. Koi is a beautiful species, which is endowed with vibrant colors and amazing patterns, making it fascinating in appearance and one of the most beautiful looking pets. This elegant creature has made it to the top among artistic tattoo designs. Many times koi tattoo designs combine these pretty fish with splashing water, lotus or cherry blossom to create a brilliant effect. These intricate tattoos consist of delicate curves, prominent scales and arching angles, making them one of the most popular forms of body art in the present times. These attractive tattoos are usually adorned on the shoulder, back or sleeve.

Significance Of Koi Tattoo Designs

Generally, koi tattoo designs are regarded as one of the most popular and beautiful among tattoo designs as like dreamcatcher tattoos, which are attributed to their large size, adorned with vibrant colors and exquisite shading. The scales of the koi fish design are particularly prominent and are featured in a rainbow like hue. The backgrounds can consist of some unique ideas, like those depicting lotus flowers, splashing water, sun and moon and cherry blossom, and these backgrounds not only complement the koi fish design, but also stress its beauty to a considerable extent. A koi fish depicted along with a lotus flower represents purity and struggle; just as a lotus blooms as a beautiful flower in a muddy place, similarly this stands for a great struggle in the life to reach eternal success. Traditionally, the tattoo is designed as an orange golden fish, which stands for good fortune. There may also be some designs showing a number of koi fish swimming in different directions.

Besides the orange golden color, koi fish may be featured in a wide array of colors in the tattoo, with each color being associated with a distinct symbolic meaning. Ed color stands for love and passion and a red colored koi fish design depicts strong passion in the masculine sense. It may also be interpreted as a sign of undying energy. A blue koi fish design symbolizes masculinity and reproduction. Such a fish, if swimming upwards, stands for the bearer overcoming a personal problem, and in case it is swimming down, he has already been successful in overcoming his problem. Black koi design stands for a huge change or adversity in life, which has always been faced by the person to get to his present state in his life. Dragon koi fish tattoo is that of a fish which gets transformed into a dragon after swimming up the Yellow river. This design bears the common message of the koi tattoos, which is to fulfill the goals in life by overcoming obstacles with strength and struggle. Another unique koi fish design is the Pisces Tattoo, which depicts the zodiac sign Pisces in the form of two koi fish facing each other.

Symbolic Interpretation of Koi Fish Tattoos

Symbolically, koi fish is associated with good fortune because the folklore says that it has the power to climb the falls on Yellow River and become a dragon. Similarly, it stands for the hopes and aspirations of a person to become better and pass through tough situations in life with strength and perseverance. In the same way, koi tattoos are supposed to harbinger good fortune for the bearer and give him strength to bring the best out of himself. In Christian religion, fish stands for faith and abundance. Koi fish tattoos originated in East Asia, though it has different symbolic meaning in different cultures as like lion tattoos.

In Japanese culture koi fish is interpreted as a symbol of love and passion for the beloved. It also stands for masculinity, which is why flags with images of this fish are put up in the country, when a son takes birth in a home. On the other hand, when we talk about Chinese culture, koi represents strength and determination to fulfill your dreams as, according to the legend, the fish turns into a dragon when it climbs the Yellow River. It also symbolized lasting good fortune, which is why there is a popular belief that the koi tattoo will attract wealth and riches in your life. Additionally, koi fish is full of vigor and energy and swims with great power and speed against the current to each a food source, which signify that the fish is determined and powerful to fight against the odds. Similarly, this tattoo is a symbol of courage and determination, which inspires a person to tackle the most difficult situations with courage and positivity. Also, swimming against the current makes the fish an independent personality with courage enough to go against the tide and symbolically, it represents the ability to go against the set norms in life, giving a powerful and courageous image to the bearer of koi tattoo.

Popularity Of Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish tattoo is considered as one of the top choices among tattoo designs, with the colorful and attractive designing being the main reason of its popularity among both, men and women. This design, which depicts this vibrant and energetic creature in the midst of water, is the most eye-catching fair. Another reason why many people are attracted to the koi fish tattoo is that it is considered as a bringer of good fortune and wealth for the bearer. This fish was reared by people as they had ornamental as well as cultural value. This has been a long-standing historical and cultural belief for centuries in Japan and China, which has made this tattoo an object of desire, even in the present day period. Besides good luck, koi is associated with determination, strength and courage, which is another reason favoring the bearing of this tattoo in contemporary era too. The attractive looks along with its deeper meaning make koi tattoos a great choice among tattoo lovers.

Koi fish tattoo designs boast of a huge variety, with some unique and original designs which have still not been used by designers. Hence, you can look for some of the best koi fish tattoo designs as body art to attract attention as well as make an expression of your attitude and personality in perfect manner.

Placement of Koi Fish Tattoos

Lion tattoo designs have become hot favorites among men and women and they can commonly be seen inscribed on the chest, arm, neck, finger, back, hip, ankle, wrist, leg, shoulder, thigh and side of men and women. You can check them to know how lion tattoos could look on those body parts;


Popular Images Of Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

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